Medical cannabis patients in Arizona have come to love our Dream Steam vaporizer cartridges for their compact size, discreet appearance, their ease of use, and their mild flavor. Now, we’re excited to give you the news that Dream Steam is now making its way from state to state! Dream Steam cartridges just recently made their debut in Nevada and are available at select dispensaries in the Las Vegas Area!

Dream Steam goes above and beyond to make sure that a patient’s experience with their vapor cartridge is consistent every time. Each batch of oil is carefully extracted and tested to verify its cannabinoid content, and then mixed with natural coconut oil to ensure that your cartridge has the amount of THC or CBD that the label promises. You can relax knowing that each puff you take contains exactly the amount of THC or CBD that you need.

Additionally, we’ve just introduced our new Pure Oil cartridges, which contain 800mg of uncut cannabis distillate testing at 80% THC and above! Whether you’re located in Arizona or Nevada, you can try one out for yourself and see if a higher potency cartridge resolves your health needs even more efficiently.

Remember that the transportation of medical cannabis outside of Arizona is illegal and punishable under federal law. Luckily, dispensaries in Nevada recognize out-of-state medical cannabis cardholders, which is useful for any Arizona medical cannabis patient visiting Nevada. If you’re a patient who swears by Dream Steam for your health needs and you happen find yourself near Las Vegas, rest assured that you won’t have to go without your trusted medicine for long!

We’re looking forward to showing the Nevada medical cannabis community what Dream Steam is capable of!