Vaping Is Best Method To Get CBD Effects Without Ingesting Plethora Of Cannabis

The odd but morbid saying of, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” can be applied to an array of things including cannabidiol.  There is an array of CBD-filled products on the market, which means you have all kinds of methods in which to get your fill. For instance, there are vaping CBD oils, sublingual sprays and joints.

However, what people don’t understand is that how a person ingests CBD alters the dosage.

What You Need To Understand About CBD’s Bioavailability

Here’s what you should understand about CBD, not everything you ingest will affect your body directly.  A certain amount of the CBD will get into your body’s circulation and generate active effects. This amount is called bioavailability, and it will significantly depend on how you introduced the CDB into your system.

For instance, oral CBD bioavailability is about 15 percent. Therefore, for every 100 milligrams consumed, just 15 milligrams enters the bloodstream.

There are two key reasons this occurs:

CBD doesn’t mix well with water similar to what you’d see with oil and vinegar. CBD won’t stay in the bloodstream because it doesn’t like it. It will quickly diffuse itself out of your blood and build up in your fatty tissues.  When this happens, it dramatically decreases the quantity of bioactive CBD that enters the systemic circulation, and less CBD is carried to the active regions in the body and dropping the overall bioavailability.

When CBD gets into your gut, it must go through the liver before hitting your circulation. During this time, the liver will work hard to decrease the CBD amount, using its enzymes or via absorption. This is known as “ the first-pass effect” and it occurs when the liver decreases the amount of bioactive compounds.

How Vaporizing Can Offset The CBD Loss

There are several ways in which the CBD losses can be offset:

  • You place CBD in a water-soluble form but is only achievable by complex chemical means like liposomes or cyclodextrins.
  • It can be orally-administrated such as vaporization.

In vaporization, CBD gets into the lungs and diffuses into right into the bloodstream instead of going through the liver and stomach. It evades the first pass effect entirely and about four times more CBD gets into the circulation. This increases the bioavailability to 50 to 60 percent.  Therefore, you get the same benefits using a smaller CBD amount.

Vaping will significantly reduce the time taken for CBD to become active in the body. A CBD e-liquid could ensure you feel effects within an hour after ingestion. Thus, vaping CBD is very effective as a delivery method.

If you decide to use a THC Oil vape pen like ours, be sure you do a little research on the concentration amount you want to consume.  There’s not a lot of regulatory oversight in the cannabis and vape industries, and this has allowed several companies to generate a clear, homogenous CBD solution, which can have a milligram amount that’s not the same as what the label claims.  Our THC Oil cartridges insure proper dosages.

It’s best you get an in-house and third-party test so that you get a quality product.