Vape Pen Statistics 2017-2018
Cartridge StrengthsVaporizer pens, other vaporizers, THC oil pens and e-cigarettes proliferated across United States marketplaces beginning no more than five years ago. Vape pens are popular because they are believed to have fewer negative side effects than smoking tobacco, are tolerated in many places indoors, are smoother on throats and lounge, and make it loads easier to perform “smoke” tricks than with tobacco cigarettes.

The Center for Disease Control, a worldwide-leading health organization, paired with the United States Food and Drug Administration for a series of surveys regarding youth vaporizer use and THC vape pens. They polled tens of thousands of young, influenceable students and found that 38% of high schoolers had used e-cigs at least once. The same string of surveys found that 13% of middle schoolers tried e-cigs before. These agencies believe that self-reported information about vaping — remember that one must be 18 years of age in order to legally purchase and use a vape pen — likely understates the true, widespread usage of vaporizers.

Vaporizing medical marijuana, cannabis or nicotine juices and non-nicotine formulas are significantly less costly than traditional, pre-rolled cigarette habits. It’s estimated that the average American smoker forks over an astounding $2,200 annually for tobacco. On the other hand, those who utilize vaporizers regularly only spend half that amount at a respectable $1,100. Those who vape — even though this claim is not supported by any United States medical agency — suffer significantly less damage from vape pens than marijuana smokers do from their formaldehyde-bearing tobacco spliffs.

Vape Pen with Oil Cartridges Medical Marijuana THC CBDGiven that vaping does, in fact, carry less health risks than smoking tobacco, average middle and high schoolers are not harming themselves as much as risqué school kids did before the rapid proliferation of vape pens and other vaporizer products. An astounding 16% of high schoolers regularly used e-cigarettes in year 2015. Middle schoolers lagged behind risk-taking high schools by a few percentage points, with only 5.3% of them smoking e-cigarettes on a daily basis. These statistics combine to suggest that e-cigarettes were used more commonly than any other tobacco product among teenage adolescents and young adults in secondary schools.

Thanks to vaporizers‘ booming popularity, the advent of these electronic devices have helped reduce the number of high schoolers who smoke cigarettes. In 2013, around the same time vape pens started gaining widespread popularity, 15.7% of teenage smoked cigarettes. Only 10.8% of teenagers, ranging from 6th to 12th grades, regularly smoked tobacco. This figure is the lowest since the biannual teenager smoking survey began in the late 1980s. Vape pens have also helped these vulnerable, highly-influenceable students quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, with an astounding 40-odd percent of students having smoked at least one cigarette in the past month tried to quit smoking them at least once in the past calendar year.

While many people find it impossible to dispute the validity of vape pens’ safety and helpfulness in quitting smoked tobacco, some sources think otherwise. Out of a survey of hundreds of vape pen users, 11% had never smoked cigarettes before, 30% of respondents used vape pens to help quit cigarettes, and a whopping 59% still smoked cigarettes! Vape pens run on juices filled with nicotine or without nicotine to form vapor, helping users get nicotine in their systems, provide a feeling that mimics smoking, and the ability to play with thick smoke to craft sick smoke tricks. Unfortunately, at least one child in the great United States passed away from accidentally ingesting the juice that helps vape pens operate. Lots of vapers do believe that vape pens and their sister machines are safe, but just like everything else in life, vaping may be slightly dangerous.

A THC oil statistics survey carried out by reputable news agency Reuters indicated that about 10% of United States citizens use both vape pens and smoked tobacco products. However, the total number of vapers is rising consistently, with 15% of adults less than 40 years of age using vaporizers of some sort. Only 2.6% of Americans used vape pens and related products in 2013. This two-year rise is significant, making it a no-brainer that so many Americans are using both products.